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This combination of one Pecan and one Raspberry kringle is the most popular of all kringles to send together. Above all of the other combinations, these two Kringles Customers love to combine when sending to themselves or as a gift. This is a vegan-friendly pair of Kringles.

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Quality is great. However order well in advance if shipping.

K Larkin
no customer service; ignored my cancellation

Larsen’s ignored my order cancellation and shipped an order of Kringles even though it would arrive after the holidays. The order was intended as a Christmas present for family traveling to Virginia. Unfortunately, the Kringles arrived after everyone left even though I cancelled my order on 12/20 in reply to email from DHutchinson at Larsen’s that the Kringles would be shipped on 1/3/22. Hutchinson’s email indicated that the deadline for Xmas delivery was 12/16, which was not clear when I ordered. I asked Hutchinson to cancel as soon as I realized the delivery wouldn’t be on time. Radio silence from Larsen’s until 12/27 when I was notified that my order had shipped! That’s not the way to ensure customer satisfaction. Will not order from Larsen’s for future shipped orders.

Linda Geer

There was a problem with the order being filled correctly. When I called to let you know the problem, you were quick to send the cherry that had been omitted. Will always order from Larson's because you have to best kringle and customer service.

Rachelle W
Kringle lover

I thought that once I went vegan I would never be able to have Kringle again — boy was I wrong. Larsen’s Bakery not only bakes a vegan Kringle, but excelles in every way. I cant wait to try every flavor you have!

Tamela Weatherby

Customer Favorite Two Pack