Known as “Racine’s Original Kringle,” Larsen's Bakery uses century old Copenhagen recipes to make over 30 varieties of Kringle. Making the pastry is three day process but the results are well worth it; a light, flaky pastry that is full of flavor. Fresh fruits, nuts, and other seasonal ingredients are used for filling and then it is topped with sugar or white roll icing.

Larsen's recipes and it's bakery have been famous and well known in Southeastern,WI and across the country. We are pleased and excited to offer you the unique taste experience that people have come to love about our bakery and its products.

A bakery steeped in tradition, Larsen's is a family run bakery and has been for over two generations and over four decades. Ernie Hutchinson purchased the bakery in 1969 from Einer Larsen. He kept the name and also the recipes that has made our Kringle famous. Currently, Debbie and Don are following in their father's footsteps running the family bakery where they maintain the quality and customer service the business has been known for.